Embrace Autism.  A website and community by and for autistic people.  You'll find lots of thoroughly researched articles, screening tests and insight from within the community.

Neuroclastic article on autistic identity.  Really interesting piece about how our identities are constructed very differently to neurotypical identities.  The whole website is worth reading but this piece in particular made it into my bookmarks.

Defining Autistic Burnout.  A research paper on autistic burnout, a phenomenon which is widely talked about within the community but little known in the wider medical and mental health services.  Vital reading for understanding autistic mental health.

The cost of masking and passing.  A great description of the experience of burnout with a collection of experiences from many different sources.  A must-read for understanding this autistic experience.

Autistic fatigue and exhaustion.  Another great insight into a pre-burnout and burnout phase. An introduction to why burnout happens and what it's like.

The costs of camouflaging autism.  In depth piece about the long term impacts of masking and camouflaging.  Another vital read to understand how we get to burnout phase and how draining it really is trying to keep the people around us happy.

Compensatory Strategies research paper.  A formal study relating to the long term effects of masking.

Autistic shutdown alters brain function.  An insightful piece about the effects of repeated shutdown on autistic people's ability to continue masking and access coping strategies. 

Samantha Craft's unofficial checklist.  This in depth piece has some great links plus a checklist of ways that autism presents in women and girls (meaning biologically female people)

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria.  "Why are autistic/neurodiverse people so sensitive/dramatic?"  A question we hear all the time.  Here is the answer.  Note: asking that question makes it worse.

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