The perspective of an actually autistic adult

Yes, we exist

Read my "about" section for more information including why I use the words "actually autistic".

What happens to autistic children?  We grow up into autistic adults.  Lots of the support and information out there is tailored towards autistic children, but when we grow up this support and understanding falls away.  I'm here to try and change that.

I am an associate trainer with The Brain Charity, delivering online and in person neurodiversity training for workplaces.

I am available to give talks on my lived experience, answer questions and provide insight into the autistic experience and appear on panels at events (in-person and virtually).

I also speak on, and contribute to Autistic Radio (all links below).

What I do

Here you'll find my personal blog, personally written by me.  

I also guest blog at ENNA.


I am an associate trainer with The Brain Charity, delivering neurodiversity in the workplace training online and in person. You can request training through The Brain Charity.

I am also available for talks and discussions on neurodiversity in workplaces, educational establishments and interest groups.

I also speak on, and contribute to Autistic Radio.  We meet on Sundays from 6 to 7.30 GMT

Here you'll find links to some of the best resources I've found, including information about how autism presents in women and girls, tests you can take to see if you might be autistic, and other great websites and pages that give a lot of insight.

Here you'll find how to contact me, as well as a link to my Quora profile where you can read my answers to questions about the autistic experience and other things.

I'm available for panel discussions, informal and formal talks at schools, colleges and workplaces.

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