Self-management Week 2023

Back from the brink of burnout

Objectivity vs. Subjectivity


That's my bag - autistic identity

Masking at home

2023 - A year in reflection

Let's talk about Pride


Artistic autistics

Addressing the double empathy problem and social credit theory

Non-speaking in autism deep dive precis - part 3

Non-speaking in autism deep dive precis - part 2

Non-speaking in autism deep dive precis - part 1


A tablespoon of PDA

Mask deconstruction and rebuilding

Live on the air

Autism and loneliness

AAW 2023: Accepting the rest of my neurodivergence

AAW 2023: Accepting my limitations

AAW 2023: Accepting my own autism

The difference between belonging and fitting in

Regulation issue activities

The disclosure dilemma

Have you tried yoga?  Part 2

Othering - negative or positive

Have you tried yoga?  Part 1

How I remember stuff, and get it done

Why my birthday is redacted

Are we getting in our own way?

Accommodating Society

Thriving, not just surviving

Are autistic people supposed to struggle?

Sustainability - management fuzzword or lifestyle?

How was Christmas?

On unmasking

Why CBT gaslights autistic people

Overcoming having fun

Four (and a bit) terrifying words

Rewriting history - a new take on autism pioneers

The inclusion illusion

Two years in reflection

What is neurodiversity?

On shared emotional experiences

Comfort zone or coping zone?

Being autistic in the heat

Are labels harmful?

Understanding autistic behaviour - a translation

The Open University Understanding Autism course - my take

Special interest post: Foraging

Shutdowns: A catatonic coda

Shutdowns: The causes and impacts

Autistic employment

What's wrong with the puzzle piece?

Happy Autiversary to me

But you're high-functioning, right?

When is a routine not a routine?

My sensory support animal

You can't be autistic because...

When correction is incorrect

Sensory: What is proprioception?

The double empathy problem

Sensory: What is interoception?


Why I say I have Asperger's

Suicidal ideation and the autistic mind - part 1

Days I'm not allowed

Why I disagree with an autistic lack of empathy

I'm not scared of the same things as other people

Suicidal ideation and the autistic mind - part 2

Mask wearing and healthcare access - part 1

Mask wearing and healthcare access - part 2

What do you care what other people think?

A note on functioning

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