Online tests and checklists
The standard tests for autism.  The RAADS-R correctly identified 80% of people who received a subsequent clinician diagnosis according to a study done in The Netherlands.
Samantha Craft's unofficial checklist.  This is very good, accurate and comprehensive for those born female.
A fully comprehensive dive into the various tests, starting with the standard ones and moving on to those designed to look for other neurodivergent and autistic traits.  Each test has been assessed and validated by an autistic psychologist.

Resources for pre-diagnosis
Digital download for printable workbook that helps you collate information that will help you unravel your autistic profile and will be helpful for diagnosing clinicians.  This is not an affiliate link, I just think it's a good resource made by an AuDHD person.
Right To Choose pathway for fast-tracking NHS diagnosis of ADHD or Autism

Advice for the newly diagnosed
What it's like to be diagnosed as an adult.  This piece uses the language in use at the time and is reflective of an individual's experience and identity.  My piece on this theme is here.
Excellent resource with signposts to understanding neurodivergence and where to look next.
Podcast with people discussing their experiences of diagnosis, especially what happened post-diagnosis and how they coped.

Understanding neurodivergence
Part checklist, part resource, this easy to follow guide to autism and the diagnosis experience signposts other avenues to explore.

The overlap and differences between typically, and non-typically presenting autism
Facebook infographic about two different presentations/manifestations of autism looking at the similarities and differences.  Really useful for busting a few myths.

Alternative and mis-diagnoses
This is a hub page in itself, linking to articles about different diagnoses that may be given to autistic people (especially those born and perceived as female) before autism is realised or considered.

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