Why you should hire a neurodiversity trainer with lived experience

If you're looking for neurodiversity training for your workplace or organisation you've come to the right place. There are lots of neurodiversity awareness courses on the market, but some are designed and delivered by neurotypical people, i.e. not people with any lived experience of what they're teaching.

Here's an analogy: it's a bit like having a course about what it's like living as a squirrel in the modern world, but written and delivered by an elephant! Sure, the elephant might have read some books, even spoken to a couple of squirrels about the subject, but an elephant is never going to understand being a squirrel well enough to teach other people about it.

So, now you can see that my brain does indeed work a bit differently from the average, typical brain, and that's what makes my Understanding Neurodiversity training so good. I am speaking as a neurodivergent person. I am speaking as someone who's worked in admin roles, as a butcher, as a life model, a project manager, a photographer, in customer service and in hospitality. I am speaking as someone who lives what they teach, who walks the walk, as they say.

I have also done formal courses on ADHD, Autism support, and neurobiology from the University of Geneva, the Open University, the National Autistic Society and the University of Chicago, so I've also done the “book learning” part. I have neurodivergent friends and family members which allows me to incorporate the honest experiences and examples of those with a variety of different brains and needs.

If you're serious about making the world of work better for neurodivergent people, hiring me is a meaningful positive action. It is a choice to provide work to someone who has burnt themselves out in conventional (and unconventional) workplaces and who now uses these experiences, plus a burning desire to keep learning, as a way of staying in employment in a capacity that is sustainable in the long term.


Contact me to find out about rates, availability and to book a free scoping call.

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