Why is neurodiversity training important?

Maybe you've heard the word, but you're not sure what it means, and you think it might be a passing fad, something you don't need to take seriously. Perhaps you've done some inclusivity or disability training, and you don't want to put your staff through another session if what you've done is enough.


This is understandable – working hours are at a premium whether you're the employee or the wage-payer – but neurodiversity training is IS important, it IS worth the time and cost, and it WILL make a difference to your business.

Neurodiversity isn't a passing fad. The term was coined in the last century (OK, the 1990s) but it's only just appearing on the radar of the world of work.

Neurodiversity, at it's most basic explanation, is the idea that all our brains work differently; that autism, ADHD and other similar conditions are natural variations in the way that human brains are made and how they function.

At this level neurodiversity isn't such a different concept to the Myers-Briggs test, or the work of Dr Meredith Belbin and his nine team roles. These ideas are understood and accepted in workplaces, and it's time for neurodiversity to be understood and accepted in the same way.

One in six people is neurodivergent – that is to say that their brains work differently to the average, typical way of thinking. This means in a business with 60 employees, 10 of them are likely to be neurodivergent.

By supporting and retaining your neurodivergent employees you improve morale, reduce hiring costs and keep those innovative minds at your company. If you're able to understand and support your neurodivergent customers or service users you'll retain their business, you'll grow your positive reputation and reap the economic benefits of both.

You also have a legal obligation to provide reasonable adjustments, but I hope it's not just the threat of a lawsuit that makes you want to be a neurodiversity affirming business.

You can do this by running one of my Understanding Neurodiversity sessions for your staff. In one hour we'll cover what neurodiversity is, what the main conditions are, how these strengths and challenges appear in the workplace and simple things we can all do to make the world a more accessible place for everyone.

I also run longer sessions, and I can create bespoke sessions that covers challenges specific to your industry. We can look the legal obligations, how to make the recruitment process neurodivergent-friendly and how to create a neurodiversity-affirming workplace. I can provide these online and/or in person so contact me today and let's this ball rolling with a free scoping call to discuss your requirements.

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